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For guys on the front burner, they have garnered your interest and you do want to see them as soon as possible. I always require a 48 hour notice before a date can even make it on my calendar and a pre-date phone call just to flesh out details. Back burner guys tend to have a longer wait period. Be firm but nice, letting them know that your time books up quickly and they have to make plans ahead in advance.

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If they are smart, they will realise this and start asking you for dates ahead of time. They will be left wondering who you are with and what you are doing. This also gives them more time to look forward to the meeting and increases your attractiveness. You are a girl in high demand. It further piques their interest because they figure that there has got to be something special about you after all, all these guys are clamoring for your attention!

While juggling, please bear in mind that under no circumstances are you supposed to sleep with any of the men.

Are You Ready To Date Again? Go Out and Find Out!

You are just dating, not training to be on the next season of the Bachelorette. If you do have chemistry with one or 2!

Kissing, making out, holding hands, these are all acceptable while you are juggling. Just be sure to protect yourself at all times. Eventually he will get it and leave you be. Before you drop the other guys out of your rotation, Mr. Right must articulate to you that he wants you two to be exclusive.

When he does ask you, tell him that you will think about it and get back to him. This also immortalises you in their mind as a cool chick. Eventually, if things with Mr. SO try doing things that you genuinely enjoy doing because you really enjoyed doing them. If you are still feeling alone after doing those things maybe you are not feeling that passionate about them. Feeling lonely Its part of the process. Pamper youself and in time you will definitely feel less and less lonely. Every time we do that it breaks that bond, the cycle of our thoughts going back to them and it really IS a cycle.

NK I am in exactly the same boat as you. Loneliness,like hunger, is a pain that comes from a very real need and the only way to appease that pain is to satisfy the need.

We clearly obsess on a need until we get it satisfied. No new friends yet,it is actually a lot more difficult to make new friends than people realise. That would be my advice to you. Do the things you enjoy doing and try to hook up more with existing friends and family. Try to plan about 2 activities a week and maybe build up from there. I do hear you and feel for you. Loneliness is a horrible feeling but remember nothing lasts forever. I think in some way or another most of us play these silly games when we like someone in hopes that they eventually settle down with us.

I stopped all the madness when I realized my own wrong doing as well. It is a life changing experience when you finally take responsability for your own bad dating habits. I have learned and changed my thinking and behaviour in a year its crazy, I am proud and happy. I notice the change in what kind of men are now attracted to me, Its a big improvement. I received a text after 6 months of NC from the EX. Apparently they broke up and he thought that I would be super excited to know about him. I just had laugh!!! His text was a reassurance that assclowns dont change, he needs constant attention from a woman to feel better about himself.

He has no life besides creating drama with women. What a boring useless life to have!!! I just feel sorry for his EX as I now the pain she is in right now. I lived it for almost a year and it damaged my self steem but thankfully I have recovered and I am back stronger than ever!! My boundaries and self steem are in place, I am me again!! I am very thankful for the experience I gained with this turd as this was my ephiphany moment to change my dating habits. Made me laugh out loud.

I am also a reformed mutiple,simultaneous dater. In fact I was the queen of the multiple dating,game playing scenario with fellas buzzing around me like flies and all it ever got me was case loads of baggage.

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As someone else said,they can always go one better. So it is with us and the EUMs. And if we flip flap around with our multiple dating, we run the risk of ending up just as sad as them. Besides,I agree that it is disrespectful to date several people at once. I have been reading your website now for a year and I love what you have to say. It always comes at the right time for dealing with my NC situation. Thanks so much for your website. I hope you continue! Learn how to be alone. Hi NML, You are right about this, as you have been about everything you write about to do with relationships.

Dating more than one person at the same time is confusing,it doesnt work well for the most part. Dating is a very touchy subject for those of us recovering from bad relationships. I keep asking whether I have learned enough, changed enough to really do better this time around. A friend told me a great analogy for dating, post-assclown, that shows how we have to keep our illusions and hopes from ruling our hearts.

A woman has a box of horse manure delivered to her door. After reading this site religiously for few weeks, I hope I can now recognize a box of shit when its delivered to my door. Love the pony story…this is exactly how I feel!!! I keep looking for a pony in a box of crap, why??? The idea of dating more than one at a time is horrifying. Enuff games, Enuff drama.

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  7. A man who is genuinely interested in you is genuinely interested in you and you wont even have to get to the game playing level with them. It has taken me a long time to realize but I finally get it that Mr.

    Unavailable and Assclowns are mostly just so self centered, impulsive and usually somewhat disordered so that they cannot fully consider the feelings of others, the more you game play with them the more you confirm their belief that their behavior is acceptable. It is actually fueling their issues to play games with them.

    If more women did not play games with these poor souls they would probably straighten up. Women continue to game play and try to make them jealous because they are addicted to the drama and probably like I was are emotionally unavailable themselves or otherwise bored and unhappy in life. Much like drug addicts have enablers, we fallback girls and other ladies are actually aiding and abetting their assclownery. Truly, we must disengage from the games with these men. As you have stated before NML, I have noticed that once you stop playing games they are no longer interested.

    Furthermore, any emotion other than indifference we should have for these men is pity, pity because the true ACs will probably never have a full human experience. It is the opposite of the whirlwind courtship of the EUM. Anyhow thanks NML your blog, book and a slow month of work plus some introspection have really helped me open my mind and get on the right path! Bottom line for men is they are always looking for that one beautiful woman fantasy love and in the meantime they still need to get laid. So they settle for whatever girl falls in their path fallback girl and in order to keep the list of emergency remedies available they check up on it from time to time maintenance.

    I mean, it would be different if that was your job and you were being paid well for it. Pretty easy to see if you want to see it…. EMK is also a fan of no sex before exclusivity and for me, I agree. I put that on the table very early that I only sleep with one person and when I am sleeping with them, I assume we are exclusive and building something new. You know the difference.

    Multiple Dating - A Guide to Juggling a Few Men at the Same Time - Baggage Reclaim with Natalie Lue

    That is why you take others off the table…. I call bullshit on all people in NYC dating 10 people, and if they are, it is because they are unhealthy and unable to commit. I lived there for a long time, and plenty of people paired off, just as plenty of people never could settle down…. Most normal people find seeing too many people exhausting…. Thanks so much ivy and talllady! This makes a lot of sense. I was worried after reading that article that going on a few dates with multiple guys meant I was a horrible person with commitment issues but after your comments I can see a lot more clearly what was actually meant and how to integrate the advice into my life.

    And I agree about NYC! First dates can be awkward, seconds dates can still be on best behavior, so very likely it will take until a third date to know if you are interested in more. Provided all parties are aware of the casual, beginning dates of non-exculsitivty most people are , then it is also easier to to keep the dates from being too deep. The dates can be get to know you meetings, nothing more.

    For a couple to keep a relationship causal and non-exclusive, it HAS to be mutual. I hear so many stories of messiness. I especially try to avoid drama, and I know far too many girls who have gotten themselves into the most wrapped up drama situations, and often it is because of multiple dating and other reasons. Maybe not, but the first date thrill and attention is VERY different that the long-term relationship. I have met people who are addicted to the new-person rush, so I do wonder about that. Mail will not be published required: You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except as expressly permitted in writing by A New Mode, Inc.