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Now when I go to purchase one, I will know what to get. I would buy the hookup for the larger propane tank though. It is kind of a pain to keep changing out those little tanks. I recently purchased a Mr. Heater Hose with Regulator. Not only does it have both heaters, the hose is also available. Keep in mind that if you purchase the 12 ft. Heater hose with Regulator and Quick Disconnect coupling that not only will you not need the inline fuel filter but it is impossible to use it as the filter connection is threaded and the heater connection is a quick connect. If you are going for best contents like I do, only go to see this web site everyday since it gives feature contents, thanks.

I bought the Big Buddy on your recommendation just before a cold front hit a couple of weeks ago.

I was freezing as I hooked up the tank and got it fired up. I have been through gal and 6 cans in 2 weeks but this has been my only source of heat and I have been warm running it on low most of the time. Kick this puppy on high and set it in the bathroom and you are good to go in 5 minutes. I just bought a gal propane tank and will have it hooked up tomorrow or so. I will have my furnace back but my new Big Buddy is certainly going to vampire the big tank and save me money there. I doubt you could carry it in but it would make you more friends than you could imagine at a cold high school football game.

On the sidelines they should be mandatory. Ok, Ok, yeah I like the heater. Great blog and website Erich. Thanks for the recommendation. I am trying to run my mr bug buddy in a 23 foot rv.

Adapter to Connect Mr. Heater Buddy Portable Heater To RV Propane Tank

I bought a first alert fire alarm and it always goes off. I do feel slightly head achy am I in danger? I thought these things were safe! Several years ago we had a day power outage from ice storm.

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My elderly mother-in-law and handicapped daughter were sharing a two bedroom suite that also had a separate bathroom. I put a small BTU Buddy heater in the bathroom to heat the bathroom and two bedrooms. No odor, no headaches everyone felt fine. Checked on them twice a night.

The bedrooms stayed about 66F while 32 or less outside. The main part of house we have wood furnace and generator when power goes out.

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Would highly recommend these heaters. Have a Big Buddy but have only tested it for a few minutes to be sure it works. Have CO detector now but doubt dangerous amt of CO as everyone felt fine the whole time Would avoid placing in closed bedroom or tent or someplace that limited oxygen supply.

Believe these heaters make CO when oxygen limited. Believe they now have oxygen sensor that turns them off if not enough O. If you want to read a great description of carbon monoxide poisoning read Richard Byrd— Alone at the South Pole. A good story in its own right. My husband and I are expedite drivers.. Our Espar Heater was in the Shop getting worked on. So we got a Mr Big Buddy to use.. I have been afraid as we know of them finding drivers dead in there Sprinter Vans before..

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I start having weird dreams and getting woke up with migranes the alarm is going off at Has anyone else had this trouble.. I am just glade to have the Expat back so I can Sleep.. Hi, I just ordered the Big Buddy heater for emergency heating. There are five options. Which hose did you purchase? I find nothing beats real live experience and appreciate your advice greatly.

If not tipping over, what are other reasons for this? You need to provide a fresh air source. Mr heaters buddys produce little-no co, actually like 0. Only safeguards are the oxygen sensor and the tip sensor. Ive had mine for several years now, 1lb and 20lb bottles. I have a little buddy running on 20 lbs. I have one of each of the Buddy Heaters, use them in my motor home. Spend all last winter yet Montana. Used the small one at the bathroom door, the medium by the front door.

I did buy the large unit and it is super efficient. The large one on the low setting with a 30 lb tank will run for 5 days and nights. Medium setting for 4 days. I have used lil buddy for last month. Heat out in house and just the lil buddy has worked great. Easy to start … I find no problems. I did go out and purchase the big buddy … but for my purpose another lil buddy would have been fine.

To get the higher output of the big buddy, you need to run two tanks either 1 or I just have big buddy running from one 20 and it just about the same as lil buddy. I highly recommend both. Thank you for every other informative blog.

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Where else may I get that type of information written in such an ideal manner? We ahve had a big buddy for at least 20 years. We dont use it often but it has never failed us. Once in the winter when power went out at the house for several days the Big Buddy had no problem heating the kitchen and den. The family gathered in the den and slept on the couch and floor staying comfy warm. We are pretty rough on it. When not in use it sits in the shed, sometimes for years, collecting dust need a cover for it but when I pull it out and dust it off it fires right up no problem.

I even forgot it had the built in fan. After 15 years the D batteries had started to leak so I replaced them and the little fan cranked right up. It would be nice if it had a bigger fan. Does the Big Buddy heater require a separate gas supply for each burner? As it has an arrangement for 2 one pound cylinders. One on each side.

Heater Big Buddy Review by Erich. Reply to this comment. Davey, I was also considering the little buddy. Displaying 1 to 10 of 18 Posts. I use a Mr. Heater single head directly on a 10 tank in my Fish Trap Pro. I don't know what the part number of the hose is but the one I have is a dark green color. The issue isn't necessarily the hose itself but instead it's the type of propane that is used.

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The stuff that comes in the 1 pound cans is much more refined whereas the stuff you buy in bulk tends to break down the rubber hoses and the gunk from the hoses clogs up the heater. On a gas grill it's fine because the hardware isn't as touchy as it is on a heater. The other hose is not made of the same material. If you find the part number and purchase that green hose you can get by without a filter. If you run a standard rubber hose a filter is necessary.

I've run mine with the green hose and no filter for about 6 years and haven't had any issues. I have a little buddy works fine with a eskimo 3 man portable without floor. I use the 1 tanks to keep it light.

Mr Heater 12 ft Regulator Hose

I had a 20 with a larger heater very bulky and a lot of extra weight. Its ok if you drive out but walking adds a lot of weight.

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I have a mr buddy heater and cooker, works almost to good inside my black canvas Sno -boat my question does anyone have a lil buddy. It would be similar to the old sport cat. My understanding is that a special hose is needed as well.