How to tell if your dating a gay man

There's the stereotype that if a guy is a good dresser or if he spends a bunch of time on his hair,he's definitely gay. However, guys getting more invested in how they look is pretty common these days, making this a terrible way to judge. Similarly, you shouldn't assume that just because he's super macho and wouldn't know the right end of the comb to use, he's definitely straight.

Do not judge based on who he hangs out with. Sometimes you might assume that just because a guy only hangs out with girls or just because his best friend also seems gay, then he might also be gay. These are not fair indicators, though. Different people look for different things in friendships and he probably just feels better around the friends that he has.

Get some alone time. Set aside some quality time for the two of you to talk. This is a very private matter and you don't want to put him in an awkward position in front of other people. You should also work your way up to this serious conversation by talking about other deep matters first. It's important to make him feel comfortable and set the expectation that you two can share deep, personal feelings with each other.

For example, talk about your family problems or maybe politics and your concerns for the future. Show him you're okay with your friends being gay. Subtly bring up subjects that show him that you're okay with your friends being gay and that he doesn't need to hide his nature around you.

You can talk about another friend that is gay or even just about someone hypothetically coming out if you don't know someone who's gay. For example, you can say something like "I really admire people like Neil Patrick Harris.

5 Ways to Tell If a Man is Gay (Based On Science)

He does a great job of showing all those conservative people that there's more to gay people than all those offensive stereotypes. And he's clearly so happy now. I wish everyone felt like they could live as out and proud as he does.

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Talk about other friends coming out. You can also talk about the experience that other people had with coming out.

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  • Show him that you're concerned that those same negative effects might plague him. This can show him that you're ready to be a support network if he needs one. Say something like, "Before Andie came out I was so worried about her. She seemed to be so unhappy And then everyone was so mean to her after she did. I don't want anyone to have to go through that. Give him the opportunity to tell you.

    Now that you've set the precedent and shown him that you are someone safe and accepting to talk to, give him the time and opportunity to tell you. He might not tell you in that conversation.

    He might not even tell you that week. But if he is gay, he will probably tell you once he's comfortable and feels like he really trusts you. It is important to maintain an environment of trust if you want him to tell you.

    What Are Your Thoughts?

    Don't spread any gossip about anybody, since spilling any kind of secret just tells him that you might spill his. Of course, if he doesn't say anything or if you would rather not make any assumptions based on his behavior, just ask him. It's okay to ask. This is really the best way to find out if someone is gay and much less offensive than making assumptions about them.

    It may feel awkward, but chances are, if you are trusted, this friend will tell you the truth. Say something like, "You know you're stuck with me as a friend no matter what, but I just have to ask because I don't want to make assumptions and come to the wrong conclusions: Legally Blonde can solve many things when you use it in the correct way.

    “How to Tell If a Man is Gay” — 5 Ways (Backed By Science)

    He could be, but there are a lot more straight people who hate gays than there are closeted gay people who hate gays. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Is it possible that my friend is gay and lying to me about being straight? You may want to consider why he is lying or making up excuses. He might be afraid of how you will treat him if he admits to being gay, or he may just not be ready to be 'out' yet.

    For some gay people, it is very difficult to accept one's own sexuality, especially if they grew up being told that it's terrible to be gay, and even if other people are accepting they are still ashamed to admit it because of this. It's also possible that he just isn't gay and you are mistaken. Either way, it's probably annoying him if you keep asking or insisting that he's gay; I would suggest that you leave it alone. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Because that is what friends do. It does not at all mean that he's gay.

    And so what if he is? Gay guys need friends, too. Not Helpful 8 Helpful If you are not interested in sports or outdoorsy and most of the people you know are girls, does that make you gay? The only thing that makes you gay is being attracted to people of the same gender. Not Helpful 25 Helpful My son has started bringing his pal home to "crash" at our house.

    This is fine, and he was to sleep in the spare room. I've noticed they have both been sleeping in my son's room. Should I ask if they're gay? Don't ask, and try not to assume. Just give him space. If your son is gay, hopefully he will tell you in his own time. Not Helpful 11 Helpful What if I have a crush on a guy who might be gay, but I'm too afraid to ask him? Find a right time to talk to him about your crush on him, knowing full well he might be gay.

    Be patient and don't push him too hard to like you, respecting his choice and being completely understanding of anything he has to tell you. If he doesn't like you that way, it's okay, as there are lots of guys out there. Don't treat it as a rejection either, it's just a fact of life and you're not expected to know. Not Helpful 58 Helpful If you like it, then enjoy it! If you don't, then gently but assertively make it clear that you're not interested in him romantically and would like him to stop.

    Not Helpful 5 Helpful My friend asked me if I was interested in guys. Does this mean he likes me? Maybe he was just curious, or he could be asking it because he's gay and wanted to know if you are, too. Not Helpful 42 Helpful I am a soft spoken person, and I am gay.

    I'm in love with this straight guy, but he is homophobic. What should I do? Not Helpful 37 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Warnings Don't just outright ask "Are you gay? If he says yes, don't be judgmental.

    When getting to know him, don't just get to know him because you want to know that about him. Only do so if you actually care about him and want to be his friend.

    How To Tell If YOUR MAN IS GAY! - #AuntieKen

    If he doesn't want it to spread, he has his own reasons. Whatever you do, do not tell others unless you have permission from him to do so. Article Info wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,, times. They purport that gay men in their study showed wider and shorter faces, smaller and shorter noses, and larger, more rounded jaws of a masculine appearance. Similarly, a University of Washington Study also highlights how sexual orientation can be judged with fair accuracy by particular facial features and configurations.

    How to Tell if Your Guy Friend Is Gay: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

    Rather than merely adoring how cute Mr. Studman is, perhaps really inquisitively studying his facial structure and composition could reveal his true nature. A variety of researchers named in this article report the following findings about a confirmation of a gay sexual orientation:. Can we argue with science? Are they truly substantiated, or are they biased? Do they feed into stereotypes or provide some additional clues into helping to clarify this perplexity?

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